Rent24 Potsdamer Strasse 188 is a beautifully designed coworking space and one of our featured spaces (What is a Featured Space?). It is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Schöneberg, with public transport you can easily reach Hauptbahnhof and Kudamm within 15 minutes.

Rent24 Potsdamer Strasse 188 is an outstanding upscale office space with dedicated team areas, spaces for entertainment, on-site managers who help you with everything you could ask for, fully equipped meeting rooms, a kitchen with a modern coffee machine and a large coworking area with flexible desks.

The coworking space Rent24 Berlin Potsdamer Strasse 188 is a branch of the larger Rent24 chain which has several locations both in Germany and abroad. Rent24 has the primary goal of making a productive and inspiring place of work available to all coworkers. In all spaces you will find a healthy mixture of work and relaxation. The coworking space in Berlin Potsdamer Strasse 188 therefore offers you all possibilities to work intensively and at the same time relax in the modern lounge and kitchen area.

Open and spacious relaxation areas join comfortable and inviting work areas. Rent24 sees itself as a place where creativity and work come together. Networking, exchange and working together are the basic elements of a modern working world at Rent24. The audience is mixed and consists of people from different areas such Freelancers, established companies or even start-ups.

Rent24 Potsdamer Strasse 188 is located right next to the rent24 Berlin main building in Potsdamer Straße 182 which was the first Rent24 office in Berlin. In accordance with the Rent24 philosophy, several coworking places, single offices and relaxation possibilities are available to you.

There is a dedicated coworking room with quiet atmosphere for focused work and a large open kitchen area where you can mingle with your colleagues and fellow PostWork members while sipping some coffee or tea. Rent24 has modern and colourful office furniture and provides an atmosphere to feel comfortable while getting work done.

Go to Rent24 Potsdamer Strasse 188 if you are looking for a modern office space with top-notch amenities for a productive day of work. Closeby you can find plenty of restaurants and Cafes to enjoy your lunch break.

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Practical guide for members and visitors:

Where can I check in with my PostWork Coworking App?
When you enter through the main door of the building, stay on the ground floor and go to the left hand side to the Rent24 office, you will find the PostWork sign with our QR code on the reception desk after entering the Rent24 office. Usually one of the Community Managers will greet you there and show you around the space.

Where can I find the Wifi password?
It will be issued on site.

Where are the desks, I can work from?
The open coworking room is after the reception desk on the left hand side opposite side of the kitchen.

Where can I find coffee and water?
You can find coffee, water, tea in the kitchen which is right after the reception when you enter Rent24.

How can I book a meeting room?
Meeting rooms can be booked directly at the reception.

Is it possible to print?
The community manager will help you if you need to print.

What is the work atmosphere like, quiet or social?
In the open coworking room the atmosphere is quiet so you can get some deep work done. In the kitchen area you can chat with your colleagues and have conversations on the phone.

Where can I find the bathrooms?
The toilets are located on the ground floor on the right hand side after the entrance.

For any other questions, please refer to the friendly staff at Rent24 Potsdamer Strasse 188.

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  • Monday 09:00 - 18:00
  • Tuesday 09:00 - 18:00
  • Wednesday 09:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday 09:00 - 18:00
  • Friday 09:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed

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