Why use a virtual office in Berlin?Virtual offices in Berlin allow you to operate independent from your location

There are many reasons to consider a virtual office in Berlin at an attractive address.

  1. You do not have your own office space and would like to keep your personal and business address separated.
  2. You would like to offer your customers and prospective clients a new way to connect with you, without hiring your own employees or renting a new office.
  3. You are working solely digitally and are often on the move. No problem, we can receive your post and offer additional services like storage, forwarding or scanning your post.
  4. You look for a representative business address in one of the most well known streets of the German capital Berlin.
  5. You look for an address to register your company at.

Why choose a virtual office at PostWork?PostWork is the fast, trusted and reputable go to solution for virtual offices

PostWork is the go to solution for virtual offices in Berlin, Germany and soon also available in different cities across Germany. We offer you a smooth set up of your virtual office in Berlin. All our employees are fluent in English.

No matter if you work as a freelancer or if you are a digital nomad, small business owner, agency owner or consultant, we offer you a professional and reputable service. We are aware that every customer’s need is different and will create tailored offers. Some of the most often demanded service levels are: storage of letters for pickup, scan service and or forwarding of post at different time intervals.

How can I set up a virtual office with post work?The set up is fast with full communication in English

To register your virtual office in Berlin with us, please send an email to [email protected] or contact us by phone +49 30 22013 5190