Looking for office space in Berlin?We got you covered. 100+ Offices in Berlin available.

PostWork is the leading Coworking Space plattform in Berlin. Over time we build up the broadest network of high quality coworking spaces and offices in Berlin.

Our process is simple and efficient.

In a short phone call, we get to know your office requirements better. Within 24 hours after the call, we present you with 3-5 options from our partner office network.

To find your new office space in Berlin, please contact us by phone +49 30 22013 5190 or send an email to [email protected]

The advantages are manifold:

  1. Instead of wasting hours on traditional office plattforms you have a free consultation on the phone
  2. No need to contact 20+ offices yourself. We know the market and work with all the office space suppliers on a daily basis. Instead focus yourself on your core business.
  3. We have exclusive and direct access to many unique office locations you will not find anywhere else.
  4. We will present you with tailored high quality offers that you can pick from and introduce you directly to the decision maker at the office space suppliers.
  5. The tailored approach results in a speedy process. Average time from consultation to signature is below 7 working days.

Schedule a call back above for your free office consultation.