Flexible workspace for every team member with one membership

We work together and solve the individual workspace needs of a wide range of companies and teams:

  • Growing teams that need to add workspace for new employees flexibly
  • Companies and teams of all sizes with varying remote work policies
  • Large corporations that need flexible workspace in multiple cities
  • Remote and distributed teams who need a suitable workspace for each employee

Cowork Club is the new and innovative approach to workspace. We help your team to become and stay productive from every location, no matter whether you need flexible workspace every day or just a few times per month.

Get in touch with us below and our Sales team will get back shortly with a customized offer that perfectly suits your needs.

Access to the best workspaces

We partner up with the best workspaces in various locations so every team member has the perfect workspace option at hand

Higher motivation

Give your team members the opportunity to work from their preferred workspace and become a more attractive employer

No administrative effort

We provide a zero effort package for you with our automated payments and invoicing system for all your team  members

Get in touch

To kick off your coworking complany plan, please contact us by phone +49 30 22013 5190, send an email to [email protected] or fill out the form below to request a call back.